Orchard Harvest
Redmond, WA
Monday - Wednesday
June 09 - 11

Keynote: The State of Orchard

Monday - June 9 - 09.00 to 09:45

Ylan Kunstler Bertrand Le Roy

High Density Hosting with Orchard on Azure

Monday - June 9 - 10.00 to 10:45

Sebastien Ros

Themes, Layouts and Slideshows - Onestop

Monday - June 9 - 11.00 to 11:45

Jorge Agraz Eric Perez

Proligence, Projects, and Open Source

Monday - June 9 - 12.00 to 12:45

Piotr Szmyd

Created by Hellocomputer - Built with Orchard

Monday - June 9 - 02.00 to 02:45

Samuel Goldenbaum

Azure Media Services

Monday - June 9 - 03.00 to 03:45

Ross Gardler Roopali Kaujalgi

The Future of Widgets

Monday - June 9 - 04.00 to 04:45

Steve Taylor

Angular JS + ASP.NET

Tuesday - June 10 - 09.00 to 09:45

Damian Edwards

From Boostrap to Orchard in 20 minutes

Tuesday - June 10 - 10.00 to 10:45

Sebastien Ros

Workflows + Jobs API

Tuesday - June 10 - 11.00 to 11:45

Sipke Schoorstra

Case Study: AMC Theaters

Tuesday - June 10 - 12.00 to 12:45

Travis Maddox Adam Anderson

Introduction to ASP.NET vNext

Tuesday - June 10 - 02.00 to 02:45

Eilon Lipton Scott Hunter

Orchard - What's Next

Tuesday - June 10 - 03.00 to 03:45

Sebastien Ros

Orchard 2.0 Vision + Q&A

Wednesday - June 11 - 09.00 to 09:45

Sebastien Ros Sipke Schoorstra

Developing with ASP.NET vNext

Wednesday - June 11 - 10.00 to 10:45

N. Taylor Mullen

Halo Waypoint Case Study

Wednesday - June 11 - 11.00 to 11:45

Bing Huan Chio

Building an Orchard SaaS - DotNest

Wednesday - June 11 - 12.00 to 12:45

Zoltán Lehóczky Benedek Farkas

Closing Session - Interactive Breakout Sessions

Wednesday - June 11 - 02.00 to 04:00

Speakers Orchard Harvest

  • Adam Anderson Developper

    Adam is an application developer on the team responsible for development of guest facing experiences for AMC Theatres. One of the early members of the AMC web team, Adam was instrumental in the role out of AMC’s initial Orchard deployment, and has been part of the development of many of the custom components and extensions for AMC Theatres.com powered by Orchard. Adam started his career …

  • Benedek Farkas Co-founder and Managing Director

    Benedek shows interest in IT since the year of 6, when he joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. His interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and he decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming. After that he started studying Computer Science and met new friends, Zoltán among …

  • Bertrand started his professional developer career in 1982 when he published his first video game. He then spent a few years studying math and physics, got a Ph.D. and then went back to software development. He released in 2002 what was probably the first CMS to run on ASP.NET. A year later, he was hired by Microsoft's ASP.NET team and moved to the US. He has worked on ASP.NET versions 2.0 to 4.0, …

  • Bing Huan Chio Developer

    Bing Huan spent a few years at Electronic Arts Singapore before joining Microsoft as a developer on Windows Phone Services where he helped build the WindowsPhone.com website. Bing Huan recently returned to the gaming industry by joining 343 Industries on the Halo Waypoint web development team. In his time at Microsoft, Bing Huan has worked on various internal CMS projects and most recently helped …

  • Damian Edwards Senior Program Manager, ASP.NET

    I'm a Program Manager at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team. I look after the core of ASP.NET (the bits that ship in .NET), and the Web Forms framework built on top of it. I'm also the creator of the Web Forms MVP (http://webformsmvp.com/) and SignalR (http://signalr.net/) open source projects.

  • Eilon Lipton Principal Development Manager

    Eilon joined the ASP.NET team as a developer at Microsoft in 2002. On this team, he has worked on areas ranging from data source controls to localization to the UpdatePanel control. He is now a development manager on the ASP.NET team working on open source projects including ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Web Pages with Razor, SignalR, Entity Framework, and the Orchard CMS. Eilon is also a frequent …

  • Eric is a Senior Software engineer for Onestop Internet. He has a passion for e-commerce, business, and learning new technologies. His goal in building applications that are easy for users to manage made him excited to develop with Orchard CMS and be part of the Orchard community. Onestop Internet has given him an opportunity to dive deep into Orchard development and push the capabilities of the …

  • Jorge Agraz Lead Platform Engineer

    Born in Mexico City and raised in the United States and Europe; Jorge thinks that any job he's ever gotten has been due to his ability to use a computer. From his brother's Commodore 64 to the family IBM XT he's been exploring better living through circuitry since childhood. In past jobs he's created databases and IT systems in such strange places as under the Olympic Stadium in Torino, at the …

  • N. Taylor Mullen Developper

    Shortly after placing 1st in Microsoft's international Imagine Cup competition in 2012 (Game Design Phone) Taylor joined the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. On the ASP.NET team he has worked on SignalR, Razor and MVC. In Taylor's spare time he enjoys running, Dodgeball, gaming and polluting the internet with random side projects.

  • Piotr Szmyd Founder & CTO

    Piotr started his programming adventure as a kid sometime in the 90's. Although being in love with computers, he went to study medicine at Warsaw Medical University. He also started pursuing his BSc degree in Computer Science at Warsaw University in parallel, so not to lose touch with programming. Since then, he's been using .NET as his platform of choice working on web-based projects for various …

  • Roopali Kaujalgi Senior Program Manager

    Roopali Kaujalgi joined Microsoft as a summer intern on the WinFS team and transitioned to a full time employee to work on SQL server followed by Bing. Currently she is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. focused on open source, open standards and interoperability.

  • Ross Gardler Senior Technology Evangelist

    Ross Gardler has been involved with open source in one form or another since the mid '90s. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he currently serves as the foundation's President. He's been an independent strategy consultant, led the UK academic research sectors open source advisory service and now works for Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft …

  • Samuel Goldenbaum Group Technical Director

    Samuel is the Technical Director at Hellocomputer, a highly awarded digital agency in South Africa that services leading brands across multiple digital platforms. He has lived the UK and Australia and worked on a range of projects for British Telecom, Microsoft, MSN, Samsung, Toyota. Focusing primarily on Microsoft Solutions, Samuel has implemented solutions from Classic ASP in 1998 through to . …

  • Scott Hunter Principal Group Program Manager

    Scott Hunter has been at Microsoft on the Web Platform and Tools team as a Principal Program Manager for the past seven years focusing on .NET Web Development. This includes working on .NET 3.5, .NET 4 and the upcoming .NET 4.5 plus ASP.NET Web Forms, Web Pages and Razor Syntax, ASP.NET MVC and most recently ASP.NET Web API. Prior to working at Microsoft, Scott spent a couple of years building …

  • Sebastien Ros Lead Orchard Project Developer - Benevolent Dictator

    Sebastien was born in famous French Bordeaux town, where he started programming at age of 11. In 2001 he co-founded a Microsoft .NET specialized company named Evaluant, where he had been giving training and consultancy services on the .NET platform since then. He has worked on different open source .NET projects like an ORM, a Javascript interpreter and a Document storage library. Today he is the …

  • Sipke Schoorstra Developer

    Sipke grew up in Bergen, Noord-Holland with his 8 bit NES and later his self-earned 16 bit SNES by being a paperboy. Inspired by games like Mario, Zelda, Mystic Quest & Secret Of Mana, he knew that he wanted to create games himself and started drawing heroes, dragons, elves and trees (and yes girls as well). But Sipke wanted more, so at some point he sold his game consoles and bought a PC …

  • Steve Taylor Founder & CTO

    Steve is a passionate technologist and lives for innovation. A combination of his skills and in-depth experience allows him to push the boundaries of marketing and technology. Steve is the founder and CTO of Avastec which provides consultancy and software development services to a wide range of clients. Steve specialises in helping companies improve their development teams to achieve better …

  • Travis Maddox Lead Application Developer

    Travis leads development of guest facing experiences for AMC Theatres.  Travis started the team responsible for the delivery of the AMC Theatres website (and related affiliate APIs) in 2011. Most of that team is still intact and still likes working for Travis.  Since then, AMC Theatres has launched an e-commerce platform, mobile friendly responsive design, loyalty membership platform, …

  • Ylan Kunstler Orchard Harvest Founder

    Ylan is the founder and producer of the Orchard Harvest conferences. He is a major Orchard framework advocate and currently serves as an Orchard Community Board member. His current mission is to bring together Orchard enthusiasts and to foster community building around the globe as well as play a major role in developing the Orchard product roadmap. He first came across Orchard while at Onestop - …

  • Zoltán Lehóczky Co-founder and Managing Director

    Loving technology ever since Zoltan is a Computer Science and Engineering student at Obuda University in Budapest. Web application development is his key skill, having been involved with PHP and ASP.NET MVC for years. He embraces open source and lives it through Orchard: he's also one of the core developers of Orchard itself, having done numerous contributions and having opened more than 200 …


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